Eleven: Super Star Wars Week

So this week, I had not one but TWO awesome reasons to have happy meltdowns over Star Wars! Firstly, we had the release of Rogue One (here in the UK) and the yesterday we were graced with the first teaser for The Last Jedi – I don’t think I could have been happier if I’d tried.

Star Was is one of my absolute favourite franchises in the world. If I am sad, I watch Star Wars. If I am happy, I watch Star Wars. If I am bored or anxious or trying to pass time, I watch Star Wars. It is always there for me and continues to make me very, very happy! Plus, A New Hope can definitely be counted as one of my all time favourite films. I remember the first time my mum showed it to me and I was absolutely mesmerised and even though I’ve seen it more times that I can actually count, I still adore it and I can pretty much quote the entire thing, line by line…

I have to say that Rogue One might be joining it near the top of that list. I genuinely loved this film, more than The Force Awakens if I’m being totally honest, and I enjoyed being able to see a slightly darker and more ambiguous characters. Cassian himself admits he has done terrible things for the rebellion, and that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s a film that really blurs the lines between good and evil, giving us a really interesting grey area. Plus K-2SO is one of my favourite droids – Alan Tudyk has an amazing voice for voice acting and his dry sarcasm was just perfect!

Plus I’m now extremely excited for The Last Jedi, although I’m sad I have to wait till Christmas… as per usual we don’t get a lot from a first look trailer but to be honest again, we really don’t need too… I still let out stupid, high pitched fan-girl noises sat on my friend’s sofa while we watched it for the first time and then held my breath when we watched it again! It gave us some lovely little hints, enough to have me completely sold and Mark Hamill’s voice just added the extra little something – plus at least we know Luke speaks in this one…

So, in summary: Star Wars = Amazing. 

And if you haven’t seen it (seriously why not?) the trailer for The Last Jedi is below. Or maybe, like me, you want to watch it again… for prosperity!


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