Nine: Cheese, glorious Cheese!

It probably seems a little odd to write a post just about cheese, but right now I don’t care because I’m too excited! That is because my tasting box from The West Country Cheese Co. has just arrived and I can’t wait to eat it all!!

A little context… I’m getting married in July and although we’re having an actual wedding cake (it has Pac Man cookies on it!) we wanted a cheese cake too, because cheese is one of our most beloved foods! Seriously… we love cheese! I am a very happy bunny when I have cheese and I love having things like a nice cheeseboard or cheese and meats (If you like this and you live in the UK check out Friends of Ham in Leeds) or cheese toasties or mac and cheese or lasagna… or just anything with cheese. (Except blue cheese, I really don’t like blue cheese.)

So, we started looking around and I discovered the West Country Cheese Co and their awesome selection and although they pretty much all have blue cheese in (boo!) they offered to replace it with something else (yay!). So after perusing the delicious options we decided we needed a tasting box because… well… just because it’s an important part of the process right? Plus we got 5 different cheeses to try even though it’s only gonna be 4 tiers because we couldn’t decide on one so we figured that it was worth trying both… it’s a scientific process obviously!

And today it arrived and now I’m pondering whether I can have a couple of cheeky nibbles before my other half comes back or if that would be very suspicious… perhaps he wouldn’t even notice if there were only 4 in the fridge…


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