Five: Curse of the Cursor

You know when you have a piece of work you really have to do, and you’ve been putting it off and when it comes to actually writing the damn thing you stare blankly at the screen for hours?

Well that’s where I am right now and it sucks!

I’m currently attempting to fill in my ‘dissertation proposal form’ for my masters thesis and failing miserably. It’s not like I haven’t had time to do it, I’ve had the form since February and a solid idea for the past couple of weeks but, I still have a blank form.

And now I am being tormented by incomplete boxes on Rationale for Study and Specific Research Objectives and a flashing cursor. It’s starting to haunt my nightmares…

The worst thing is, is that the longer I stare at it the more anxious I get and the more anxious I get, the less like doing the work I feel. But the deadline is looming and I have a blank form, which makes my anxiety worse – see the problem here? It’s a vicious circle of procrastination and anxiety – interspersed with some vague productivity on something else, so at least I get something done… just not what I need to! Apparently this is something like ‘productive procrastination’ but I’m not sure whether writing three chapters of fan fiction counts as productive, even if it is fun.

Either that or I just ignore all pending work and academic doom and just binge watch Supernatural – it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. Although right now I’m looking at Marvel earrings and writing this…

I’ll get there eventually, I just need to break the curse of the cursor.






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