Four: Happy Days

Today, despite the fact I am super exhausted from a placement trip yesterday (more on that another time), I am ridiculously happy!

You know when you have those days when everything that could go right, does go right and some extra lovely stuff happens as well? Well I had one of those days today and it feels so awesome!

It wasn’t that anything particularly special happened but some university stuff worked out, I got invited to do a talk (which I’m also super excited about) and I got some lovely snaps from my bestest friend in the entire world, who is coming to see me tomorrow! I was so happy wandering round campus that I actually wanted to sing and dance… although I did stop myself as I realised it would get me some very strange looks from the rest of the student population.

I love these sorts of days, the ones that make up for all the immensely sucky ones but just being one hundred times better and reminding me of all the good things in my life. Plus I also got a Reeses Nut Bar and to watch more Daredevil (one of my current favourite shows).

Today, life is pretty awesome!

(Side note: I forgot to take a picture today so I figured I use Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon – he is just the cutest!)


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