Two: Rocket Lollipops Make Everything Awesome

I am becoming more and more grateful that my better half is a science teacher. Why? Because I get awesome presents from school trips!

Last week it was the Natural History Museum (T-Rex lolly and a pen) and today it was the Space Centre – hence the rocket lolly and giant, orange pencil. Who doesn’t love sugar covered in dinosaurs or spaceships?!

It seems like such a stupidly small thing to get excited about; a lollipop and a pencil, but today I’ve been stuck in the depths of masters dissertation research and early drama essays. It feels a bit like wading through mud… really thick, mind-numbing, soul sucking mud… and to be honest just getting a lemon lollipop with a rocket on it made my day that tiny bit brighter! (Plus, not gonna lie, it tastes pretty awesome too!)

So, here’s to the little things whether it’s lemon lollipops, giant pencils, chocolate biscuits or a little bit of sunshine. Sometimes it’s just the simple things or tiny details that make a whole day worth it!


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