One: An Anxious Nerd

I’ve been ummming and ahhhh-ing about this for quite some time and I’m still not quite sure why I finally decided to do this… it was probably to escape my postgraduate work for a minute.

I’ve tried blogging before and I’m hoping this will be third time lucky. Before I’ve tried to blog about baking, my other love in life, but the problem was actually getting round to doing all the baking and then finding someone to eat all the food… which was usually me and it really wasn’t good for me! And I got so anxious, seeing everyone else’s amazing food blogs and gorgeous baked goods – the all seemed so much better than mine. And so I stopped.

Partly, that was the problem… my anxiety. So when I considered blogging again, a new thought occurred to me: why not blog about that instead?

It seems a strange topic to choose but ultimately it’s something that affects my life and I know that so many other people struggle with it too and if I can write something that helps just one person then that’s pretty awesome.┬áIt’s also a way for me to deal with it too.

And the other part, the nerd part? Well that was easy, I’m a massive nerd and I’m totally unashamed by it!

So please, join me for my weird and (not always) wonderful journey through my anxious, nerdy life. There may even be biscuits…




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